A UK online shopping portal has launched a micro-currency exchange service that lets customers buy Bitcoin from Amazon, eBay, Amazon UK and other online retailers.

The exchange is called MicroCoin and it will work alongside the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin exchange sites that are available on the Walmart UK website.

Customers can then use MicroCoin to buy items using credit cards or PayPal.

The company, which has been in operation since January, said the service was created to be a “safe haven” for those who do not want to use traditional credit cards, or to use debit cards.

“We are using MicroCoind to offer our customers a way to use a micro cryptocurrency, which is not backed by a physical coin,” the company said.

MicroCoinchacoin will allow customers to exchange Bitcoin and Ether for MicroCoils.

“Our intention is to make MicroCoi the go-to currency exchange for retailers and users,” the website said.

It added: “Users will be able to purchase MicroCoil from our platform, or pay by using their own MicroCoir account.”

It said that it was offering a 50% discount on MicroCoiwal, which allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin and Litecoins.

It said MicroCoincircan also offered a “free” 30% discount to buy Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

“Ether is the fastest growing cryptocurrency, and has risen from $0.01 to $1.00 within the last week.

MicroCoin can help you get to your next buy-and-sell order quicker and easier,” the site said.

The micro-coin exchange service will not be available until the end of the year.

Walmart UK’s website said that customers could use Microcoins as payment in the UK’s currency.

It is a “micro cryptocurrency exchange” and it was created as a safe haven for those unable to use conventional credit cards to purchase items.

It will allow retailers and consumers to buy Bitcoins from the Amazon UK, eBay UK and Amazon UK.com stores.

“Walmart UK customers can buy goods using MicroCoin using credit card or PayPal using our online service, which gives customers the option of purchasing with MicroCoint, which enables them to buy things like games, books and toys for Amazon UK’s UK shoppers,” the Walmart website said of the service.

Walmart’s MicroCoin exchange service was launched in February and it added Bitcoin as a payment option in March.

The Bitcoin exchange site, known as Bitcoin.com, allows users to buy goods in digital currencies.

Users can deposit their MicroCoinches into the Bitcoin exchange, which then takes a fee of 5% to cover the transaction.

Microcoin was created in 2015 by three Australian entrepreneurs.

They are Adam, Matt and Paul.

The group said the project was started in order to make the world’s first Bitcoin exchange.

“It was really cool when we started the project to be able use Bitcoin as payment,” Adam said.

“The Bitcoin exchange website is free to use, and the service is completely secure.

Microcoinchacoins can be used to buy Amazon.com products and services, and they can be exchanged for MicroCoin through the Bitcoin and crypto exchange sites.”

Amazon UK said that the exchange will only accept MicroCoints as payment for products and other services.

“Amazon UK is committed to supporting Bitcoin, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency,” the online retailer said.