The digital currency bitcoin is a wonderful idea.

It is the digital currency of choice for the world’s richest people.

It can also be used to buy luxury goods from overseas, pay for school fees and other basic needs.

It also acts as a payment method for buying goods in countries that are not currently able to accept bitcoin, like Brazil, Russia and India.

But now it seems the currency is being used for a lot more than just transactions, and is being abused by criminals.

As part of a recent study, a researcher at the University of Oxford and a former researcher at CoinDesk found that the currency has been used by hackers to steal money and identity.

The researchers say that hackers using the cryptocurrency are targeting “high-profile individuals, organisations and large institutions” in an effort to steal the funds.

They said they have also uncovered a number of instances where individuals have been charged with crimes related to cryptocurrency.

This is not a new problem, but bitcoin has now become an example of what happens when a currency becomes so popular that it becomes a target for criminals.

According to CoinDesk, the research team uncovered this abuse after tracking a number.

They tracked more than 500 bitcoin addresses associated with people associated with high-profile organisations, ranging from the US Secret Service and the National Institutes of Health to Hollywood, PayPal and other big companies.

The study found that, for example, a person with an email address of “[email protected]” received payments from an individual linked to a company in India, and then the same email address was used to make an anonymous payment to someone who claimed to be “bitcoin address”, a person who claimed the name bitcoin but did not actually exist.

Another example of this abuse was a hacker using a Bitcoin address to make a payment to a person in Ukraine, using the email address [email protected], with a bank account in Cyprus.

Bitcoin’s value has fluctuated over the past year and a half.

The currency is worth roughly $1,500 right now.

This figure is based on a number that is calculated by the value of the total number of bitcoins in circulation.

But the researchers say there are other methods of calculating the value.

For example, one of the researchers, Paul Vixie, said the value could be calculated as the total amount of bitcoin held in a single account.

Another way to determine the value is to look at the ratio between the value in a bank and bitcoin in circulation at the time.

This means that the more bitcoins are in circulation, the more likely it is that a hacker will be able to steal bitcoin from a bank or a large organisation, and the more money that is being transferred.

The number of bitcoin addresses tracked by CoinDesk is not the same as the number of people that are being targeted.

There is a difference between being charged with a crime for doing something illegal, and being charged for doing the same thing in the first place.

It is the second time this year that the researchers have found this kind of abuse of the currency, with another recent report finding that the value has increased by about 100% in recent months.

The authors of this study say the rise of the cryptocurrency is one of several reasons why there are concerns around the use of bitcoin.

It has a high volatility, which means it can be used as a means of money laundering, which is something that has been a concern for governments and other organisations for some time.

Some of the people who have been targeted for crimes associated with the cryptocurrency include the founder of a major online retailer who was arrested in the UK in December and is facing up to three years in prison.

He faces up to seven years in jail for fraudulently converting bitcoins into pounds sterling.

Bitcoin also acts like a way to buy drugs, according to CoinMarketCap, which estimates that bitcoin was worth about $20bn in the year ending March, a huge amount of money for a relatively small amount of value.

This makes it one of many currencies that are currently being used as currency in illegal activities, and it is unclear if bitcoin is part of this.

But there is hope.

The US Treasury Department has announced plans to ban bitcoin as a currency in the US.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the department said:We are issuing this announcement to highlight the importance of digital currencies for financial transactions, especially in the digital age.

The digital currencies that we currently regulate are increasingly being used to pay for illicit activity, and money laundering is one important area in which they are used.

We have been working with the US Government and other agencies to establish clear guidance to the Federal Reserve on how the Federal reserve and the US Treasury can work together to address this emerging issue.

We are also working with industry partners to develop tools that enable banks to track and report suspicious activity associated with digital currencies.

There is also a growing recognition that bitcoin can be abused for criminal purposes.

For example, in January the US Federal Reserve published guidance

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