Doral’s currency exchange app could be hacked and the app could potentially be sold on the dark web, a researcher says

Doral, the South Korean resort resort where the bitcoin exchange has been in operation, could be the target of a hacker attack and could eventually be sold or used for profit.

A researcher working on a study of Doral and other digital currency exchanges told Ars that he believes the attack on the Doral exchange would result in a hacker gaining access to information about Doral users’ account information.

In a blog post on Tuesday, the researcher, who has since been unable to obtain his own email address for verification, wrote that Doral could be compromised if an attacker gained access to Doral.

The researcher, whose identity is redacted by Ars, told Ars he believed the attack would be limited to one bitcoin address.

“The attacker would only be able to access a small portion of the account’s information, including an email address, which is what the user would have to give in order to be able access their personal data,” he wrote.

“This would allow the attacker to steal information about their account from the Dental Exchange’s website, and it would be difficult for the Dral Exchange to recover from this breach, as the user account data is very private.”

The researcher added that, if this were to happen, he and his colleagues hoped that the information about the users account would be redacted from the digital currency exchange’s site.

“If the DIALO exchange is hacked, then Doral might not be as protected,” the researcher wrote.

However, a spokesperson for the resort told Ars the information could be leaked on a regular basis and that the company had been working with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the security of its users information.

“DIALO is constantly working to improve the security measures in place to prevent breaches, and we have taken steps to protect the account information,” the spokesperson said.

Ars will update this article if we hear back.

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