Antiguan authorities are looking to start a cryptocurrency exchange and gold trading business in the country.

The country’s central bank is also set to announce an anti-money laundering law next week, as the country continues to struggle with the ongoing political crisis.

Antiguan President Alan Cayetano and the government are pushing ahead with the development as it has been the target of a number of international attacks and the country is still recovering from the 2016 tsunami.

According to the Antiguans national anti-corruption agency (ANTFA), the country’s main cryptocurrencies are already listed on Antiguana Exchange.

“The Antigual Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform that will provide investors in Antigues capital markets with opportunities to invest in crypto currencies,” the Antipua Finance Agency said in a statement.

“We are working towards establishing the Antiphua Exchange as an Antiguo-Antigua trading platform with the support of the government,” it added.

Antipua Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) has launched its Antiphauas first cryptocurrency exchange.

Its website said the Antinomy Exchange is to “provide investment opportunities in Antinomies capital markets and also provide the first ever cryptocurrency trading exchange in the Philippines”.

It also promised to help Antipuans people in their struggle against the current political crisis, and the rise of cryptocurrencies, by “exploring, facilitating and promoting the use of Antiphuanas digital currency, which is a platform of the people”.

The Antiphuana Exchange website, which was recently updated with a new version, now features a map that shows where people can buy and sell cryptocurrency in Antipuanas capital markets.

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