In December 2016, the UK government changed its passport rules to allow holders to change their name on their passports.

The change was a huge boost for the British passport holder community, but it raised some eyebrows in Ireland, where there is a strong tradition of using Scottish Gaelic for the Irish language.

However, since then, the number of passport holders using Scottish language has been increasing, and as a result, the change has been reversed.

A new passport holder can only change their surname on their passport if they are a citizen of Scotland, the country where they were born and have been a resident of for at least two years.

The new rule will also mean that Scottish Gaelics can no longer be used as the official language of the UK and Ireland.

There is also a new requirement for Scottish Gaelically-speaking passport holders to hold a valid Irish passport or be granted an Irish-based visitor’s visa.

This means that if a Scottish Gael is born and works in Ireland and has lived in the country for at at least a year, they will need to renew their passport to continue living there.

There are a number of issues surrounding the change, but the biggest is that the passport holder needs to be able to provide a new name to the authorities in order to change the surname.

The passport holder must also provide a letter from the new holder stating that they have changed their name, and proof of the name change can be found in the new passport.

The person applying for the change will also need to provide documentation from a social worker that they are currently registered to live in Ireland as a Scottish citizen.

As of February 2018, the requirement for a new passport is one of the more restrictive requirements for Scottish citizens, so if you plan to travel to Scotland, you should be aware of the requirements in case you need to change your passport.

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