By Football Italian staff It has been suggested that Juventus need an ambitious, more proactive approach to winning trophies and that they should play in the Champions League for example, as they did in 2015.

That was before they went into a slump of sorts.

However, the Bianconeri have to change their tactics if they are to achieve anything similar.

That is why, following the 3-0 victory over Napoli in the last round of the Coppa Italia, Giovanni Tamburini spoke about Juventus’ need to develop their “footballing DNA”.

Tambarini, the Coach of the Tuttosport newspaper, believes that Juve have to adapt to the new era of the competition.

“It’s a new competition and it’s a totally different format.

There are only three sides playing at the moment: Juventus, Roma and Atalanta,” he said.

It’s the way to win. “

I don’t think we have to start all-out war and play with three, four or five strikers at the same time.

It would be good to play with six or seven players, but we need this.” “

We need to improve our game, we need more possession and we need a little bit more pace.

It would be good to play with six or seven players, but we need this.”

“We can play without strikers if we play well and without attacking and defending, we can still win.”

Tamborini is no stranger to being on the losing side.

The Coach of Tuttasport in the 1990s was fired at Juventus in the 1999/2000 season for his tactics against Napoli, and he was then sacked by the club just three years later.

“If I am in charge of Juventus, I want to give them the confidence to win,” Tambourini told the publication.

“Juventus are the best team in Italy.

They play very well, they defend well, play well at the back and attack well.

It will be a difficult challenge to beat them in the competition.”

He added: “I think it’s important for us to play together, with the same team and the same coach.

It makes the game easier for the fans and the players.” 

Juventus will be looking to improve their chances of winning the Coppina this season.

They beat Sampdoria 4-1 in the Coppo Italia last week, and they are currently top of the table and on course to qualify for the Champions Cup semi-finals. 

The Coppa is currently taking place in the Campania stadium and it will be an exciting game for the Juventus fans. 

In the meantime, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) are keen to see the Biancocelesti do their utmost to improve and develop their squad in the upcoming years.

“The Coppa Inglouriata is the first competition that is being played in the style that we like to play in,” Roberto Mancini, head of the FIGC, told reporters.

“At this time we need Juventus to become better.

The fans have to accept that we are not perfect, that we can make mistakes, but the players are the ones who have to make the decisions.”

This competition is not just about the winners, but about the fans as well.

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