Vientiane International Airport in Vientiana, capital of the Dominican Republic, has the largest collection of foreign exchange.

The city has also become the first in the world to have an official exchange rate, with Vientianis pesos having been pegged to the US dollar since June.

With the rate set to change to US$1.039 and the peso to US$,1.064, the exchange rate will be around $0.20 per peso.

As for how many pesos are there in Vítianas currency, it is $0,917.50.

The number of foreign currency exchanges in the Dominican republic is more than four times larger than the United States.

There are roughly 1,500 currencies in the country, which includes currency from around the world, according to the official website of the central bank.

One of the biggest exchange markets is in the eastern part of the country known as La Rioja, where the US Dollar is traded.

The country’s capital, La Paz, has been the largest exchange for more than 20 years.

In the capital, Guayaquil, the pesos were traded for US$12.99 and US$15.50, respectively.

The Pesos are also exchanged for gold and silver.

Other countries with currencies that are pegged to US dollars include the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France.

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