A few hours ago, an exchange rate was trading for $4,600, but in less than 24 hours, it jumped to $8,300.

That’s the price of a new bitcoin, which is trading for about $1,100 today.

This has happened every day since Wednesday, when a price of bitcoin, the virtual currency, went from $2,800 to $9,200.

The currency, also known as a digital currency, is used to purchase goods and services in many countries, and is generally accepted as an alternative to the traditional currency of the United States.

The bitcoin’s value has fluctuated significantly this year as its price has fallen to near its historic peak.

That has also prompted many people to consider investing in bitcoin.

But the currency has taken on a new value as people began to sell their old bitcoin holdings in an effort to convert them into bitcoin.

That is what happened to the $8 million in bitcoins that people held when the currency started trading for less than $1.

The dollar-denominated bitcoin is the world’s second-largest, behind the yuan, and its value has soared by more than 500 percent this year.

The most recent market surge came when the bitcoin price went from a low of $4.00 to $7.80 at one point.

It has risen another 588 percent since that time.

As of Monday, the bitcoin was trading at $9.89.

As people sell their bitcoin holdings, the value of the currency drops, and it is now worth less than half what it was just a day ago.

The surge in the price was due to a recent surge in demand for bitcoin as investors began to hoard it, according to research from the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp.

Investors started buying the currency on the market on Tuesday after the government announced it would regulate it as a commodity and restrict trading.

As a result, demand for the digital currency has skyrocketed.

According to Bitstamps research, the average bitcoin price has increased by a whopping 400 percent since the beginning of the year, and now stands at a level of about $7,000.

The digital currency is still relatively volatile, but its value is skyrocketing.

In December, bitcoin’s price hit an all-time high of $13,200, but the currency’s value fell to just $4 at the start of 2017.

In February, the currency lost nearly 90 percent of its value.

Bitcoin prices have also fluctuated wildly over the last year.

In June, the price hit a record high of more than $20,000, but it then fell to $10,700.

The cryptocurrency then recovered slightly in August, reaching an all time high of nearly $60,000 before plunging to less than its previous high of almost $20.50.

But that spike in value was largely due to the government’s crackdown on bitcoin and the resulting drop in the value.

Since the beginning, bitcoin has gained about $4 billion in value, and the value has risen about 2,400 percent.

But now, it’s more than 8,000 percent higher than it was last year, according, Bloomberg.

Bitcoin’s value is soaring as investors hoard the digital cryptocurrency.

As the price rises, so does the demand for it.

Some of those who bought bitcoins this year have been trading them for the last month, trading them at a loss of about a million dollars.

That means that more than two-thirds of those buyers have not made any money.

The price of bitcoins is also falling, according the report.

The market for the currency peaked at $19,000 in mid-January, but now trades for less a dollar.

But bitcoin prices are not the only currency that has taken a tumble in value this year, though.

The value of other digital currencies like the yuan have also declined in value.

In mid-March, the yuan lost about 70 percent of the value it had at the beginning.

That followed the government warning that the yuan could devalue by as much as 40 percent if it does not change its policies, according Bloomberg.

That prompted China to suspend trading of the yuan for a week, which caused many people in China to lose their wealth.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and other European countries have also been facing an increase in the demand from the world for digital currencies, including bitcoin.

As investors buy bitcoins in anticipation of the government regulating bitcoin, a spike in the currency is expected, according research from Bloomberg.

The government in the United State has said it is looking into bitcoin, as well.

The U.S. is not the first country to regulate bitcoin as a currency, however.

In January, China began imposing restrictions on the digital currencies it was using as a tool for money laundering.

It is also working to restrict trading of digital currencies that have not been fully approved by regulators in China.

It’s unclear how China plans to respond to the bitcoin market.

In November, China introduced a national bitcoin market in an attempt

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