What’s going on with the UK’s currency exchange and the exchange rate?

Barclays Bank is closing its UK currency exchange business as part of a strategy to save money in the face of the Brexit uncertainty.

The bank has been closing its exchange for more than a year and has been forced to raise prices for all of its customers in order to meet increased demand for its products.

The move follows the announcement that the British pound has lost more than two thirds of its value against the US dollar since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June.

The British currency has also weakened against the euro in recent weeks.

The decision to close the exchange was announced on Tuesday by the bank’s chief executive, Mike Hawes, at a meeting of its board.

Barclays said it had been forced by a range of factors, including a drop in its international earnings, to reduce its UK capital base by £10m ($16m) in order not to damage the economy and the financial stability of its shareholders.

The currency exchange has been closed since September 2015.

The BBC has contacted Barclays for comment.