A look at the currency exchange rate for the United States and other major nations

It’s been a long time coming, but the United State’s national currency, the dollar, has reached a level of parity with its peers, including the euro and the Japanese yen, according to data compiled by The Associated Press.

The AP and the Associated Press’ data team used a wide range of indicators to determine that the dollar’s recent decline is the most dramatic in more than a decade.

The exchange rate of the dollar against other currencies tracked by The AP, the euro, and other data providers tracked by Bloomberg News were as follows: – United States: – $1.03975 US/euro – $2.0376 US/JPY – $3.0035 US/GBP – $4.0055 US/AUD – $5.0025 US/CAD – $6.0005 US/NZD – $7.0065 US/KRW – $8.0004 – Germany: – €1.788 EUR – $0.8522 EUR – €2.813 EUR – £1.6247 EUR – ¥1.072 USD – ¥3.1740 USD – NZD – ¥2.0020 NZD The United States, the world’s biggest economy, had the biggest decline in the dollar this year, falling 5.6 percent.

The United Kingdom, which is the world leader in global trade, also saw a sharp fall.

Germany and Japan saw their largest losses in recent years, while France, which accounts for nearly half of global exports, also lost some ground.

Japan’s currency dropped 0.9 percent, its biggest drop since April.

The decline in global prices was a key factor behind the sharp declines in the euro’s value against the dollar and other currencies.

The European Central Bank has increased its bond purchases to support the European Union’s recovery from the financial crisis, and has kept interest rates low, a policy that helped keep inflation at less than 2 percent.

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