I’m not going to lie: I’ve always been an investor.

For me, it was a passion.

As a kid, I was obsessed with investing and, in fact, I made my first investment in a stock when I was about 14.

For some reason, I never really understood why investing was such a good idea.

And when I got out of college and started to really start to invest more and more, I realized that investing was a really good idea because it’s just a way to build wealth.

So, I’ve spent a lot of my life doing that.

But now, after a long time, it’s really hard to understand why investing is such a great idea.

The simple fact is, investing is a good thing because it helps people to make money.

Investing gives you some money, which you can spend on things like cars or houses or jewelry.

But it also gives you an opportunity to earn money.

That’s why it’s such a big deal to me that the financial system, the way it works, is completely broken.

Because people should be able to invest their money.

But the way that it works is that people have to have the money in order to do their job.

And you don’t need to have any money, but people have too much of it.

So that’s the biggest problem with the financial sector.

Invested people don’t have enough money to spend on anything, and it’s completely broken to them.

I’ve been investing for 15 years, and I’ve never had a problem.

The financial sector is really broken.

You need to get your money out of there and make some money for yourself.

Thats the only thing that has ever been good about investing.

Youre always looking to earn some money.

It’s not a good life, I know, but at least you can have some money to invest in something else.

So why do we need money?

Why are people so worried about money?

I think its partly because people think it is the root of all evil.

They think that money is just a tool for getting ahead and that they should never have to think about anything else.

Money is just an instrument that can be used to make a profit.

Money gives you power.

Money makes you wealthy.

But people just can’t fathom that it is also a tool that is actually harmful to society.

It gives you money, and you can then use that money to get more power.

They don’t realize that money actually makes us sick.

Money does that to us.

It is our health care, it is our retirement, it has ruined so many lives, and so many people have died from the money that they have spent.

And money also allows us to manipulate the system.

It allows us all to be more powerful.

Money can get you more power than you ever imagined.

When you have money, you have the power to control people.

And if you have power, you can also manipulate people.

Money has taken over the world.

And it is taking over the rest of the world and we are the only ones who are going to stop it.

Because, as much as you may think that you are not going get rich, you are.

But you will be the ones who decide how many people you will let in.

You will decide who is going to be allowed in and who is not going.

Money creates a hierarchy.

It creates a division of labor.

It takes the power from the people who need the most and gives it to the people in charge.

And this is what is really troubling about the financial world.

Money takes power from us.

And that is a problem for everybody.

If we can’t get rid of it, what are we going to do with it?

It is a serious problem.

It affects all of us.

The whole world is at risk.

And there is no way to fix it.

If youre a wealthy person and you want to be rich, stop using money.

Use your money to build things and invest in your future.

But if youre not rich, don’t use your money.

Don’t use money.

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