Why it’s time to start thinking of currency exchange as a ‘public good’

Currency exchange in Ireland has been an integral part of the economic life of the island for generations, but has recently become an international issue with concerns about currency counterfeiting and the potential for foreign governments to control its supply.

The Irish Times has launched an international exchange platform which aims to bring together governments, banks and individuals to make money exchange a universal public good.

The platform will be launched on Friday as part of a pilot project in the Republic of Ireland.

The first phase of the project is focused on setting up the first currency exchange network in Ireland.

This is the first time that the project has been launched in a non-EU country, as the Irish government is not currently a member of the EU.

The scheme will allow people from different parts of the country to exchange currencies for goods and services, in a manner that is similar to the way that banks in Europe work.

It will be funded by the Irish Central Bank, the Irish Government and the State.

The plan will be open to the public in 2018.

The project is part of an international partnership to promote a global currency exchange industry, as well as a global exchange platform for payment and settlement systems.

The programme will also provide support for financial institutions to operate a full scale international currency exchange operation.

It is hoped that the exchange will facilitate a wider exchange of digital currencies around the world, particularly for payments.

The launch of the programme is part the launch of a series of programmes by the Republic to increase transparency and innovation in the financial sector.

The government is committed to working with all interested parties to support a global network of electronic payments, with the aim of bringing international payments into the Republic’s remit as soon as possible.

The Government also announced that the Republic will launch a programme to increase its digital payment and payments infrastructure, which will also include a new digital currency platform.

The new digital platform will provide the means for Irish banks and other financial institutions and companies to connect to digital payment networks.

The Republic will be the first country in the world to offer an electronic currency exchange platform, with other countries including the US and Germany expected to follow.

It comes as the government has announced a series the measures it is taking to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing in Ireland, including introducing a ‘golden handcuffs’ regime for people convicted of money laundering offences.

The measures include the imposition of a new mandatory minimum sentence for those convicted of offences relating to terrorist financing, and will be extended to those convicted for terrorism-related offences.

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